Monday, November 17, 2014

How to uninstall IBM DB2 Content Manager Version 8.3 products if fix packs are also installed


When you run the product uninstall program, you see the following error:

"You must uninstall the most recently installed fix pack before running this uninstall."


Fix packs must be uninstalled from the system in reverse order before you can uninstall the product.


To uninstall the latest fix pack, run the command:

where VERSION is the version number of the fix pack.

Tip: To determine the current version installed for each IBM® DB2® Content Manager product, run the command IBMCMROOT/bin/cmlevel.

If multiple fix packs have already been applied, run the uninstallUpdate command for each fix pack starting with the latest fix pack and then continuing in reverse order. For example, if you have DB2 Content Manager fix pack 1, fix pack 3, and fix pack 6 installed, you should first uninstall fix pack 6, then fix pack 3, and then fix pack 1.

Once all fix packs have been uninstalled, run the uninstall program for the product you want to remove.
For DB2 Content Manager:
Run IBMCMROOT/_uninstCM/uninstall-cm.exe
For DB2 Information Integrator for Content:
Run IBMCMROOT/_uninstII4C/uninstall-ii4c.exe
For eClient:
Run IBMCMROOT/_uninstEC/uninstall-ec.exe

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