Sunday, September 14, 2014

Installation of CF03 on Portal 8.0 may fail with exception

When trying to install CF03 on Portal 8.0, Installation fails with below error:

opt/IBM/Rendering/PortalServer/installer/wp.config/config/includes/wp_cluster_cfg.xml:1436: Detected single app deployment time greater than 5 minutes.

Check the \wp_profile\ConfigEngine\log\ConfigTrace.log log file for the following error:-
/opt/IBM/Rendering/PortalServer/installer/wp.config/config/includes/wp_cluster_cfg.xml:1436: Detected single app deployment time greater than 5 minutes at at at  at

In addition to that you will see error like below:
[wplc-wait-for-sync-to-complete] Distribution of AJAX Proxy Configuration not complete.
[wplc-wait-for-sync-to-complete] Distribution of Dojo_Resources not complete.

Workaround 1:

1. Try to increase maxAppTimeToWait="5" to 15 min. in wp_cluster_cfg.xml and run the installation again.
If doesn't work and you notice that wp_cluster_cfg.xml parameter revert back to lower value, then try the workaround below:

Workaround 2:

1. Edit the PortalServer/ file and remove the lines for:

Do not just comment them out; remove them completely.

2. Install CF03. It should go through successfully this time. It will NOT update the profile so it should skip the failing script.
3. Make the same timeout changes to wp_cluster_cfg.xml again.
4. Add ProfileName and ProfileDirectory back to
5. Execute this ConfigEngine script to update the profile:
./ CONFIG-WP-PTF-CF -DWasPassword= -DPortalAdminPwd=

If doesn't work, continue to next step.

Workaround 3:

1 Edit the Installation Manager configuration file, found at /opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/configuration/config.ini
2. Add the following line to this file: WP_UPDATE_SKIP_CONFIG=true
3. Save the file and run the portal installation again. You will need to run ./ CONFIG-WP-PTF-CF -DWasPassword= -DPortalAdminPwd= to finish update.

Technote reference :

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