Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Step-by-step Migration Guide for IBM WebSphere Portal version 8 from 61x

Whether you are migrating an IBM® WebSphere® Portal or Workplace Web Content Management™ 6.1.x server to version 8, these guides are designed to aid you through the process.


The paper describes the steps and best practices for migrating an existing standalone WebSphere Portal 6.1.x environment to a standalone WebSphere Portal V8 and should be followed by the majority of customers, even those in a Web Content Management environment.
The foundation for this document is the initial release of the V8 Information Center with additional information based on the outcome and experiences of our pre-release testing. With this document, we provide a more comprehensive guide and highlight some of the common pitfalls and mistakes when migrating.

*Special note - if you are using this guide on an operating system that is different than the example documented, some allowances must be made to convert commands and screens shown to your environment. This might include changing executable script commands from batch files (.bat) to shell scripts (.sh) or vice versa, or when using command-line utilities in place of graphical interfaces that might be shown.