Monday, November 22, 2010

Component Reference Errors

This week we are covering Reference errors:

Error Example

11/22/10 10:48:47:440 SAST] 000001e4 PackageProces W Could not resolve a reference from item of type com.aptrix.pluto.cmpnt.HTMLCmpnt and name xxxxxxx to an item with id {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, com.aptrix.pluto.cmpnt.ImageResourceCmpnt}. The reference is of type com.aptrix.deployment.subscriber.SyndicationReferenceResolver$ArrayCmpntHandler$ArrayElementReference.
[11/22/10 10:48:47:693 SAST] 000001e4 PackageProces W IWKPD1029X: Could not store doc: xxxxxx, IdRef: {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, com.aptrix.pluto.cmpnt.HTMLCmpnt}

So now we have seen the snippet from our System log but where to from here.

Points to take note of:

1. In our error strings we can deduce the following:
1.1. We have a reference from an HTML component which WCM can not resolve
1.2. This example error occured during syndication
1.3. The document has not been moved

Steps to take:

1.Navigate to the library containing the component
2.Search for the component (use filter as the system log gives us the name)
3. Select the component and edit.
4. Check the current links contained in the component.
5. Remember that our error is related to an item which the component is linking too.
6. Repair the link issue

....and thats it folks.

I will keep on posting various types of errors and discoveries as I go along.
Please feel free to mail me any issues and I will blog solutions.

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