Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The WCM Diaries

My name is Jerome Slinger and I am a Senior WebSphere Integration Specialist.

This site contains my findings and learning during my career. This site is independently owned and not affiliated, supported by, or endorsed by IBM.
So you are starting a IBM Workplace Web Content management project(WCM/IWWCM) but your first point of contact should be your project plan.

What are you going to need?Where do you start?I hope that this site will offer you some assistance and enlightenment.

Feel free to join and mail me questions that may not be covered on the blog.

So lets look at some pre-requisites for our project:

Make sure you have the correct skill set

I have heard people say that your content authors do not need to know HTML, this is true, but I always recommend clients to consider a skilled workforce.

Get training or assistance from an experienced WCM Services resource. Many projects fail because customers attempt to use WCM out-of-the-box without obtaining the proper skilled resources.
Never be afraid to ask the experts or to raise a PMR

Those who Fail to Plan, Plan to fail.(Consider the following points)

  • Gather your business requirements
  • What is your operational requirements
  • Long Term Needs
  • Users and their objectives
  • Information architecture
  • Site Framework
  • Site Categories
  • Taxonomies
  • Workflow model
  • Library architecture
  • Authoring and presentation templates
  • Deployment architecture
  • Security model
And yes there is so much more to consider. I will start and on a weekly basis add more and more information.

If you would like me to add to the WCM Diaries , feel free to mail me.