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IBM WCM 6 to 7 Migration - Commands - Unix

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Please find attached the commands I used during migration form version 6.0.1.X  to

  • ./ validate-database-connection -DTransferDomainList=jcr -DWasPassword=XXXXXX -DPortalAdminPwd=XXXXXX
  • ./ connect-database-jcr-migration
  • ./ create-wcm-persistence-tables
    • This is not part of the IBM listed will thank me later :-)
  • ./ upgrade-jcr-datastore-601x-to-6100-jcr
  • ./ configure-wcm-migration
  • ./ configure-wcm-remote-admin
  • ./ action-create-schema-applyMIG7000-wp.migration.jcr.db -DPreviousPortalVersion=XXX -DCurrentPortalVersion=7.0.0.x -DWasPassword=Password -DPortalAdminPwd=Password
    • Please add your Portal versions where the xx's are.
  • ./ wcm-post-migration-data-update -DPortalAdminPwd=Password-DWasPassword=Password-DPreviousPortalVersion=6.1.0.x -DtransferDomainList=jcr
    • This step fails - Build Failed
The attached error can be found in your migration log.

MigrationSQLExecutor: ERROR ->DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -204, SQLSTATE: 42704, 

Migration Log :


The Fix:

You can resolve the issue by binding the JCRDB, executing the following commands from a DB2 command line window:
==db2 terminate 
==db2 connect to jcrDB (this is the newly copied database from 6.0.x to 7.0)
==db2 bind PATH\db2schema.bnd blocking all grant public sqlerror continue db2 terminate 

Substitute "PATH" with the install path for your DB2, and make sure you find the db2schema.bnd in the path before running the command.

Also, verify that all the Datasource passwords are correct before running the next task. You can verify this in the security.xml at cell scope:

Find this entry for the JCR datasource and make sure the encrypted password is the same as the other datasources; if not, set it to the clear text password, and it will be encrypted at the next restart:

authDataEntries xmi:id="JAASAuthData_1296387511109"
alias="jcrdbDSJAASAuth" userId="db2admin" password="setPasswordHere”
description="JAAS Alias for DataSource jcrdbDS"

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IBM WCM 7 : Migrating from WCM 6.0 to 7 - Release Not Found

Error received during migration: Release not found

Error Example String:
 not found.

The issue is caused by missing files for migration from to This happened, because fixpack is newer and so not  known by current An APAR is requested.

As there are no database changes in the affected area between  and, you could duplicate the files in
to the new directory
as a workaround.

This is obviously not ideal but will resolve your problem. how does one end up with this problem.IBM recommends that clients/customers need to be at the most recent fix pack level and as is the most latest users are running into problems.

I hope that this has helped.

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